In-between, 2013
Inkjet printing on matt paper
60 x 80 cm

The most fascinating thing for me in the photographic medium is that the nature of the image is always located between two things: the print, the trace of the past, and the expression of subjectivity. I am very interested in its analog quality which led me to question the relation between an image and its own corporeality and realization.

In this series, I focus on the women that surround me. I wonder what they go through and how they feel and perceive things, even though we belong to the same age group. I believe it to be a crucial moment. The question of identity is key during this transitory period of adolescence to adulthood. We become or tend to become what we want to be. I wanted to represent, through these portraits, the uncertainty of these moments of doubt and introspection. Having your picture taken is an experience in which you agree to capture the present. By adding a cinematographic tendency, the pictures mingle with fiction and reality.