Exhibition of the Musichromographe at Plagiarama Gallery ( 25/04/2014 - 26/05/2014 )

The Musichromographe is a machine that translates music into an image, more precisely, through different type of analog translations.
At the exhibition you can see the machine running, you can change the music played and see what happening inside the Musichromographe.

Through several types of experiments, I try to create a link between two different mediums by analog translation.

Water in a recipient is fixed on a speaker. The music coming from the speakers produces oscillations/movements in the water.
This machine uses the decomposition of the white light leading to the projection of colors in the water.
Then, the frequencies mix them and send the result on the screen.

By using an analog camera, Polaroid films and a long exposure time as long as the song I obtained a print with abstract form and colours, corresponding to the song I play.


All those experimentations are part of an empirical research of what the emotional/sensible aspect of music becomes when it is translated into an image.
The Musichromographe generates both writings to which I belong: musical composition and light caption.
The results are polaroid prints

Inside the box, the Musichromographe is running

Polaroid Prints and the Musichromographe
Polaroid Prints (Musichromographe result's)
Polaroid Prints (Musichromographe result's)
Four-color Copper etching of the water oscillations
Four-color Copper etching of the water oscillations
Four-color Copper etching of the water oscillations
Plan of the Musichromographe (lithography)